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Posted on November 09, 2018 12:57

Our virtues for Nov and Dec are Stewardship and Generosity. As a family and school wide project we are going to create care packages for our college students. We are asking that families send in the following items and then the 8th grade class will put them together. The college students or their parents will be able to pick up at school or after Masses around Thanksgiving and Christmas. We would appreciate prayers for these students as their lives can be stressful and some are far from home. We want them to know we support them always.

Our first collection will run from now till Nov. 16th we are looking for the following items:
snacks, drinks, Halloween candy, small gift cards, pens , pencils, letters or pictures made by the kids, prayer cards, religious items, small containers of hand sanitizer or any other item you think they would like or need. Encourage your children to choose so they can experience the virtues themselves.

Please send in items to office-there will be boxes ready for donations. Thank you so much for the generosity.
God Bless,

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